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I'm Nat and I'd love to welcome you to Rainbow Unicorn - my world of crystals. I have been a beauty & holistic therapist since 2006 and a coach since 2016. I have worked with crystals and Unicorns for many years and am delighted to bring them together into my therapies and services. 

Crystal and Unicorn energies are extremely healing and uplifting. They have the power to upgrade our vibrational frequency and aid in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Unicorns especially have come to Earth to help in the ascension of humanity. The first step to ascension and spiritual progression is healing. I believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves, that comes from within, and these energies from the Earth and cosmos can help us unlock our own innate healing and spiritual potential.

Rainbow Unicorn Background 14.png

My Mission

It is my soul purpose to help others in their spiritual healing and development process. I am passionate about helping women reach their fullest potential by eliminating their obstacles, blockages and limiting beliefs, so that they can live the bright, beautiful, joyful lives they came here to live. 

Through my products, healing and education services I can help you to feel full of sparkles and rainbows. Feeling joyful, light, optimistic, abundant and peaceful is your birthright, it is your soul's true state. The pressures of modern life drag us down, lower our vibration, and make us forget what life is really all about. It is my mission to help you remember your natural state of unconditional love, joy and peace. 

As Abraham Hicks teaches us, the purpose of life is to experience joy and fun. It is to revel in love, wonder and awe of this magical and abundant universe. It is to step boldly into our dreams, those things that light us up and bring us immense pleasure. Unfortunately, we block ourselves from reaching for our dreams, telling ourselves that we must do other things first. This dulls our sparkle, creates energetic blockages and makes us feel exhausted.


Through my variety of healing treatments, products and resources, I can help you remove those blockages, raise your vibrational frequency, get back in touch with your soul truth and dreams, and step into the life you came here to live. 

Healing Sessions

My healing treatments can remove blockages and stagnations that impede the flow of your vital energy and stop you from receiving more universal light. They can clear your chakras, raise your vibrational frequency, and accelerate your healing and spiritual ascension process. You will feel light,  joyful and balanced as you come back into harmony with your natural state.


Working with Reiki energy, Unicorns and crystal spirits is a blessing and an honour. These celestial beings and energies are so powerful yet extremely gentle. They know exactly what each person needs and exactly the right amount of healing energy to give. There is no danger of receiving too much energy or healing at any one time. You will always receive exactly what you need to move past your current issues and unlock the next level of healing and ascension. You are always safe, held and protected by these loving beings. Head over to the BOOK ONLINE page to learn more about my unique healing therapies, which can be delivered in person if you are in Glastonbury or remotely via Zoom wherever you are in the world.

High-Vibe Crystal Shop

I have a beautiful selection of hand-picked, high-vibe, ethically sourced crystals and beautiful handcrafted jewellery to help you on your healing journey. I am extremely fussy when it comes to choosing my stock so you can rest assured that you are only receiving the best that nature has to offer. All of my crystal products are ritually cleansed and energetically charged before being lovingly packaged to reach you in pristine condition. I even include information on how to cleanse, charge and programme your crystals to match your healing and manifestation goals! Navigate to the SHOP to see what is in stock right now.


Workshops, Courses & Workbooks

I am working on a selection of pre-recorded and live workshops and courses to help you with your healing and ascension process. Please sign up to my newsletter to keep updated about all my events, workshops and training courses. I use my coaching skills to design effective workbooks and journals. These can help you on your personal and spiritual development journey and in manifesting your dreams and goals. See the SHOP section to instantly download these powerful tools.

Coaching Services

If you would like to work on limiting beliefs, mindset and habits, discover your soul purpose, create a sparkling spiritual practice that lights you up every single day, or design a map to get you to your dreams and goals, my spiritual life coaching services can help! I have been coaching since 2016 and am professionally trained and qualified to help you improve any area of your life. I have a treasure trove of effective tools, exercises and techniques to share with you.


My coaching programmes are 100% unique to the individual - I do not offer a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all programme because each client's needs and goals are different. We work together to identify your individual goals and map out a route to get you there. I utilise all of my services in my coaching programmes, so if you need energy work, guided meditations, tarot/oracle card readings, it is all included in your programme fee, there are no hidden extras! Head over to the BOOK ONLINE page to schedule in your free consultation.

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