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Here Are Some Ways I Can Help You For Free...


Join our brand new CRYSTAL COMMUNITY. Like a Facebook group but not on Facebook! Perfect for those who choose not to use social media. This is a safe space for women to connect with each other, learn, grow and help others as we all move forward together on our spiritual journeys. Share your experiences and ask questions to further your own knowledge, healing and development.


Grab a copy of my FREE CRYSTAL GUIDEBOOK - Crystal Power: An A-Z of Crystals and How to Use Them. It contains info on how to choose and connect with your crystals, how to cleanse, charge and programme them, the meanings of colours and shapes, how to use them, the main associations and an A-Z directory of the most popular stones used for healing and transformation.


Check out the BLOG which is an ever-growing library of information on topics including crystals, crystal healing, spiritual practice, healing and development, living in tune with nature and so much more.

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