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Welcome to Rainbow Unicorn!

I'm Nat and I'd love to welcome you to Rainbow Unicorn, my crystal shop and spiritual education and healing centre. I have been a holistic therapist since 2006 and a coach since 2016. I have worked with unicorns, crystals, energy healing and spirituality for many years and am delighted to bring them together into my products and services.

My Mission

It is my soul purpose to help others in their spiritual healing and development process. I am passionate about helping womxn reach their fullest potential by eliminating their obstacles, blockages and limiting beliefs, so that they can live the bright, beautiful, joyful lives they came here to live.

Through my beautiful crystal products, spiritual education and healing services, I can help you to feel full of sparkles and rainbows. Feeling joyful, light, optimistic, abundant and peaceful is your birthright, it is your soul's true state. The pressures of modern life drag us down, lower our vibration, and make us forget what life is really all about. It is my mission to help you remember your natural state of unconditional love, joy and peace.

As Abraham Hicks teaches us, the purpose of life is to experience joy and fun. It is to revel in love, wonder and awe of this magical and abundant universe. It is to step boldly into our dreams, those things that light us up and bring us immense pleasure. Unfortunately, we block ourselves from reaching for our dreams, telling ourselves that we must do other things first. This dulls our sparkle, creates energetic blockages and makes us feel exhausted.

By using my expert knowledge gained from a multitude of accredited trainings, plus over 20 years of personal practice and study, I can help you remove those blockages, raise your vibrational frequency, get back in touch with your soul truth and dreams, and step into the life you came here to live.

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What Can You Expect From This Blog?

I'll share crystal profiles and techniques to help you get the most from your own crystal collection or help you to choose new crystal beings. I'll also be sharing how-to guides and spiritual practice techniques to elevate your vibe and life, so there's plenty to stay tuned for!

I hope you'll enjoy what I have to share. If you need personalised advice, drop me an email at natalie @ (no spaces) and I'll do my best to help.

In the meantime, check out my high-vibe crystals and jewellery, as well as my beautiful printable workbooks and journals over in my shop.

I look forward to serving you on your crystal journey.

Rainbows and sparkles,

Nat xx

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