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A beautiful Ametrine sphere. Great for spiritual empowerment and resilience.


Size in CM:

H 4

W 4

L 4


Weight: 96g


Ametrine Keywords:


♥ Spiritual riches 

♥ Resilience to change 

♥ Inner strength 

♥ Emotional balance 

♥ Reduces stress and overwhelm 

♥ Spiritual empowerment


Ametrine Associations:


Chakras - Solar Plexus, Crown

Zodiac - Libra

Element - Air, Water


Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It contains associations of both stones and is a synergy of the two energies. It signifies spiritual empowerment and can encourage motivation for spiritual practice. Ametrine is a crystal of personal power, helping you to take charge of your life and making decisions that positively impact you and help lead you towards your soul purpose. It helps you to deal with the change that comes with spiritual and personal growth. Meditation with Ametrine can bring spiritual riches.



Crystal Sphere Shape Meaning:


Spheres emit their energy from all sides, expanding to an entire room evenly. Their energy has a childlike innocence to them and they bring a playful, whimsical element to our lives.


Spheres provide us with an overall feeling of stability, harmony, and unity since their energy is very balancing. The circle resembles the circle of life, and brings in life force energy and wholeness. 




>>  Program your sphere with a specific intention to release energy wherever it is placed or to aid you in meditating on a particular problem or healing a certain emotion. 

>> Place a sphere in the centre of a grid to emit the energy/intention gently and evenly. Connecting the life force energy that runs within us to the energy of the grid makes it even more personal.  

>> Use your sphere for Scrying. Crystal gazing is a type of scrying done with a crystal sphere. Get yourself into a meditative state and gaze into the crystal to receive divine downloads or outlooks into the future… The sphere acts as a window to important energy or messages meant for you.

>> Massage therapy: try rolling a sphere where you have pain or tension in your body. Spheres are excellent for releasing pent up energy stuck in the body.

>> Use a cleansing sphere like Clear Quartz, Carnelian, or Selenite to cleanse other crystals or different areas in your home.

>> Hold a sphere in each hand during meditation for harmony and connection to life force energy.


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, I am here to help. I package all my items carefully and posting is prompt via Evri tracked delivery. 


Ametrine Sphere

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