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A beautiful AA grade large Apophyllite cluster specimen. Lovely clear and sparkly with strong unicorn vibes! Almost a kilo in weight. Gorgeous specimen.


Size in CM:

H 7

W 11

L 16.5


Weight: 984g


Apophyllite Keywords:


♥ Angelic & unicorn connection 

♥ Peace 

♥ High vibrational light 

♥ Cleanses the aura 

♥ Inter-dimensional awareness  

♥ Intuition 

♥ Joy


Apophyllite Associations:

Chakras - Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star

Zodiac - Gemini

Planet - Venus

Element - Wind


Apophyllite is an excellent tool for increasing your inner vision and psychic ability. It is a fantastic communication device for contacting spiritual guides and for receiving direction from the Higher Self.


Spiritually, apophyllite can help you to connect with your angels, unicorns and spirit guides, and it promotes intuition and higher spiritual awareness. This makes the stone good for spiritual development and initiation. It is a super high-vibe crystal that can pull higher frequency energies into your auric field, cleansing away lower unwanted energies and blockages. 


On a physical level, apophyllite can help clear and heal respiratory problems and relieve symptoms of allergies too. It is also known to heal skin rashes and reverse symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion. 


Apophyllite is also a wonderful crystal to use in healing rooms and altars. It is a highly mentally active stone and may assist with focus. It may also help one to understand spiritual lessons and to process spiritual information.



Crystal Cluster/Geode Shape Meaning:


Crystal clusters and geodes have strong vibrational energies due to having many points combined together.  Geodes, unlike clusters, have all of their terminations located on the inside. They are typically rounded and show no sign of crystals on the outside unless they are broken in half. Sometimes geodes are cut at the base so they can be displayed standing up. Each little point within a geode emits its own energy, making the inside of the geode very powerful and perfect for charging or cleansing tumbled stones or small crystals.


Clusters have points of all different shapes and sizes that typically terminate in different directions. Each cluster is special and unique in its own way, no two clusters are ever the same.


Crystal points are powerful energy amplifiers, so clusters are especially powerful with their output of energy. The points in a cluster vibrate together harmoniously to bring positive energy and transmute negativity in any space they are in. They can also help us feel more energised mentally and physically as well as aide us with decision making.





>> Cleanse your space.

>> Place on your altar or in your sacred space to bring positive vibrational energies and transmute negative ones. Clusters can also be used for protection with any magic or divination work such as tarot, scrying, or channeling. 

>> Meditate in front of a cluster to raise vibrations and achieve higher states of consciousness.

>> Some clusters work perfectly as jewellery holders - place rings on the points, drape bracelets or necklaces over the cluster. Not only is this a beautiful way to display your jewellery, but it will also cleanse and charge it if it is a piece of crystal jewellery. 

>> Place other crystals inside or on top of your cluster. Sometimes clusters can perfectly hold spheres or other small crystals.


A piece no crystal collector should be without.


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, I am here to help. I package all my items carefully and posting is prompt via Evri tracked delivery. I will add the tracking number so you can track your delivery. 

Sparkly Apophyllite Cluster (L)

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